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Escape From the City Rush: Elounda Peninsula Hotel, the Finest Luxury Resort in Greece

Exploring the mystical Crete you will discover a breathtaking hotel destination. Peaceful and luxurious, the Elounda Peninsula Hotel creates a story of its own, offering some of the most amazing landscapes. Mixing wide angles over the depths of the sea with serene blue sky scapes, this vibrating spot enables a fall into a deep relaxing state of mind. Читать далее

Очаровательный традиционный греческий дом на острове Тинос (Charming Traditional Greek Home on the Island of Tinos)

If you have ever been on a Greek island, then we are certain of your fascination for the traditional architecture that defines these beautiful places. For today we would like to present a charming traditional home located in the Cyclades archipelago, on the island of Tinos. Читать далее