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Первый дом в Дубае, напечатанный на 3D-принтере

В Дубае (Объединенные Арабские эмираты) в понедельник, 23 мая, состоялось открытие первого полностью функционального офиса, напечатанного на 3D-принтере. Об этом в среду, 25 мая, сообщает издание N+1 со ссылкой на сообщение правительства страны. Читать далее

Девушка собрала дом из контейнеров

Клоди Дюбель из города Мирабель (Квебек, Канада) решила построить дом из весьма необычного материала. Девушка нашла инжиниринговую фирму и заказала 4 металлических морских контейнера. Читать далее

Арабские мозаичные кофейные столики / Arabic mosaic coffee table

Oriental interiors attract us with their warmth, comfort and fabulous atmosphere. They are always vivid, with many patterns and ornaments, their integral feature – luxury, luxury in the details, in each element. Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of the eastern interior are the different tables. There may be many: one for meeting guests and the other for tea with the family, and the third – a coffee table. Particular attention is occupied mosaic coffee tables in the Moroccan style. Читать далее

The 30 best tools for choosing a colour scheme

Creating a colour scheme is essential to good design. We’ve gathered together some fantastic tools to help you perfect your colour choices.

The web is absolutely chock-full of colour scheme tools that promise to help you reach colour nirvana. Not all tools are created the same, though, and many are no more than basic rip-offs of the more popular or useful offerings. Читать далее

15 Well Designed Shipping Container Homes for Life Inside the Box

The hottest trend of shipping container homes fulfills many design desires: living simply, lessening clutter, being environmentally conscious, building a home on a budget, and the chance to do something totally modern and different that makes your neighbors’ jaws drop.

But there are other practical aspects to living in a shipping container home. Your house is fireproof and low maintenance. You can live in a container home almost anywhere, and lock it up when you’re away. Even better, smaller container homes can move with you. Shipping container homes can be modular: just stack two or three or more as needed. Читать далее

TOP 10 shipping container structures of 2014

originally only used to transport cargo across the globe, shipping containers were so cheap to manufacture that it was economically more viable to leave them at the freight’s destination, rather than to return or reuse them. consequently, the last few years have seen architects and designers repurpose the steel enclosures, utilizing their flexible and adaptable nature, which means that they can be constructed almost anywhere. cheap, lightweight, and readily available, designboom’s TOP 10 shipping container structures of 2014 includes a range of imaginative and inventive uses for the modular units. Читать далее