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Stunning Atmospheric Villa On Nisyros Island

Melanopetra is uniquely situated in the core of the preserved traditional village Emporios on Nisyros, Greece, at an altitude of about 400 meters above the caldera. It is an atmospheric two-storey stone villa, built-up around 1850 and totally restored in 2015 under due diligence with respect to the Nisyrian architecture using only eco-friendly primary materials. Its name is inspired from the main building material, the local black stone, further enhancing its character.
The idea of the project was realized by the owner and architect, Anna Apostolou, who combined her art and love of authenticity and simple beauty with high-quality hospitality. Читать далее

Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites On Mykonos

Furniture and objects by internationally renowned leading designers, the hospitable and welcoming atmosphere and the ideal location are a few of the key features of your stay at Kenshō. This is the Kenshō, a brand new modern boutique hotel which just opened its doors in Mykonos, Greece and yet has already managed to create a buzz with its different approach to hospitality. It is no coincidence that the experience of staying with us is unique. Superior quality services make the guests feel “at home” while maintaining ideal balance of service and discretion. The continuous alternation of architectural styles in combination with an excellent cooperation obtained between the building structure and the natural light, generate a mysterious and simultaneously exciting atmosphere. Enjoy it! Читать далее

The New Bohemian Luxury

True – Authentic – Simple – Today’s travellers expect more than just the standardised comfort and convenience, they are looking for a true and authentic experience. People are not seeking for luxury in a traditional definition anymore. The word luxury is overused and irrelevant since talk of luxury has become cheap. People have had enough of pretension unreasonable demands. Today sophisticated travellers are looking for the truth of their individual needs, which is relaxing from their daily life and just being themselves. Читать далее

Distinctive Traditional Design Unveiled by Lovely Boutique Hotel in Santorini

Design firm Patsios recently updated Cave Suite, a spectacular boutique hotel on Santorini Island in Greece, overlooking the Aegean Sea. Its reconstruction is part of a larger project initiated by Captain’s Houses chain: “The interior design aims to create a sense of comfort and relaxation as well as a subtle feeling of luxury giving out hints of the recognizable elegant style of the rest hotel’s suite. Work has been done, so that this new space brings out the simplicity and clarity of local architectural characteristics, while integrating contemporary elements of design, based on the same two principles, simplicity and clarity”, the developers explained. Читать далее